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Richard Penfold

Richard Penfold Writer / Director

Specializing in idea development, screenwriting and direction for a broad range of productions, Richard helps oversee all output from Social Film Drama. He is especially adept at understanding and effectively communicating challenging subject matter. A student of the International Film School Wales, and formerly trained in media intelligence research by the Press Association, Richard has over ten years experience in moving image production.

"Above all else, respect for the issue is key when approaching complex subjects that require sensitivity. This essentially means spending quality time with the people that the films are about. Reading up on a subject is fine and often the only means of research but in the case of Social Film Dramas, until considerable time is spent with the victims of crime, the willing perpetrators and those who work within the respective fields to support them, then we will always be in danger of wrong footing the project from the outset. It sounds obvious but we’d be stupid to think that we know better than the real life experts, so when it comes to writing and directing a film, ego is left at the door and the rest is all ears.    

When creating awareness raising material it’s all too easy to be a tourist, as film makers we can, quite fortunately, immerse ourselves in a difficult issue for a period of months that has otherwise wholly consumed the entirety of the subject’s life, and then simply walk away to the next project. Naturally, for that person whose life I’m seeking to represent through the very powerful medium of film, this ‘tourism’ is inevitably at the forefront of their mind: “Who are they to tell my story? Are they going to misrepresent me? Are they going to create a salacious, sensational story based upon my personal life? Are they going to make me look stupid or disrespect the cause I care so passionately about?”

These are all essential questions that we wholly respect, in fact if you didn’t ask them of us then we would do it for you because if we’re going to tell authentic, truthful, honest, respectful stories about people in difficult situations then first and foremost we have to earn their respect. Only then will we still care about the issue enough when we move on, and furthermore will the audience care about the issue when they leave the screening."

Sam Hearn

Sam Hearn Managing Director

Sam is the Managing Director of Omni Productions, and their sister agency Omni Digital.

"Social Film Drama has given us a powerful voice and one that we do not intend to abuse. We are dealing with real emotion, harrowing stories, and when done correctly, the work we produce can influence policy, inspire and eventually bring about change.

We are very proud to be part of Social Film Drama and everything it represents."

Christiane Glennie

Christiane Glennie Partner

Christiane was a secondary school history and careers teacher for five years.

She has completed three years training at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling. She has excellent listening skills and has significant experience of consultations and evaluation in both a group and one-to-one setting.


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