How does it work?

Social Film Drama does more than raise awareness.

It draws you into the story and the lives of the characters. It makes you feel how the characters feel.  It gives you the next best thing to first-hand personal experience of a situation.

Social Film Drama gets under your skin, it pricks your conscience, it stays with you.

After watching a social film drama, you feel compelled to talk, to take some action, to do something to deal with what has been left unresolved in the film.At conferences and training events, Social Film Drama has been used very effectively to:

  • Wake up and challenge an audience
  • Prompt self-reflection about one's own attitudes
  • Stimulate group discussion about how an issue has arisen and what could have been done differently
  • Create deeper understanding and a desire for further learning

Amongst the wider public, Social Film Drama, has the potential to latch on to people's emotions, and in so doing, to soften and dissolve personal barriers and prejudices, ready for change to take place.


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