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Overdose Notes – trailer

Overdose Notes


Overdose Notes

The Brief:

To produce a drama which could be used as a forward thinking learning tool for the WCJB to help save lives and encourage positive changes within the justice system.

The Response:

Glennie-Omni produced a hard hitting drama entitled ‘The Overdose Notes’, which tells the story of Chris Mills, a drug and alcohol addict with a history of convictions for anti-social behavior.

Within 24 hours of his final release, however, Chris is found dead as the result of a fatal drugs overdose. Responding to the tragedy, the Local Criminal Justice Board launches an investigation into the circumstances leading to his death. Investigator, Jonathan Levitt, talks to the Police and Prison officers, a drug counselor, cellmate and family member as he tries to answer the Big Question: could Chris Mills' untimely death have been prevented?

All production services for this 20min drama were facilitated in house by Omni Productions; script writing, pre-production, producing, directing, editing through to the colour grading and motion graphics.The film provided the Criminal Justice Board with a forum for debate on the subject of addicts who find themselves in and out of prison through Anti Social Behavior Orders (ASBO's).

Dealing with such a sensitive subject proved to be an interesting challenge but first viewing have proved a huge success and potential spin offs are already in discussion.

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