Success at Encounters


LEAVING scoops two prestigious awards at Encounters International Short Film Festival, 2008

Leaving has won both the ITV West Award, which recognises the maturity of the creative industries in the region, and the South West Screen Audience Award, which celebrates the audiences’ favourite film from the South West region.  

Both awards came from the category ‘Best of British – Made in the South West,’ described by Encounters as ‘This year’s bumper crop of shorts from the South West ... showing that short film is not just alive, but flourishing in our own backyard!’

Encounters, held in Bristol, showcases and celebrates the best of international short films and animations. This year’s festival featured over 300 new international short dramas, documentaries and animations.

Director and Scriptwriter Richard Penfold said: “Receiving the audiences’ vote is the biggest accolade, and with ITV West screening Leaving this December, there is a real opportunity to raise awareness of this issue amongst audiences’ young and old across the South West.”

Executive Producer, Ian Glennie said: “The power of Social Film Drama is to connect the audiences to real emotions and real people that lie behind the assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices of our society and encourage change.”

Recognition for Leaving comes at a time when across the globe men, women and children are coming together to raise awareness of domestic violence. The 25th November is ‘International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women/White Ribbon Day’, which marks the start of 16 days of worldwide campaigning against gender based violence

The international plaudits for the Social Film Drama represent a major landmark in the way film is being used to address social issues and change attitudes.